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If you’ve never worked with Gail

You’ve missed out on:

  • 20 years of sh#t-hot voicing
  • 15 brand new demos
  • oodles of accents
  • tonnes of Mumsie roles
  • and heaps of laughs in the studio.

 If you have worked with Gail

You’ve seen her:

  • deliver 10 great 30sec reads in an hour
  • smash through hundreds of promos
  • nail the natural read
  • drink tea
  • get a 34sec read into 30
  • wear jumpers like it’s snowing outside
  • and laugh a lot.


Experience says, book her… oh, and turn up the heating just a tad.


  1. One of the great challenges in radio is finding a voice who is versatile in style, intelligent in delivery and accepting of direction. One of the great solutions is Gail Knight. Be it clinical, emotional, friendly or stern, Gail always finds the right read.

    Paul Avery, Creative Director, Frodi’s Mill

  2. Gail is awesome! No matter what she does!

    Kat Toneycliffe

  3. Gail worked with us across multiple sessions on a job that lasted over a year. In this time, we changed a number of things within the production, but Gail’s voice remained constant. We knew from her first take that she was the voice for our ad. She is amazing to work with. Gail is the kind of talent that we book in and say “it will be a quick session because Gail is the voice over talent – she will nail it in the first take.” And she always does.

    Ana Pinheiro (TV Producer) & Molly Cathcart (Copywriter)

  4. Booking Gail is just like ordering your favourite dish at a restaurant. You know you’re going to love it and it’s always going to hit that spot. … Always sounding fresh, interested and the utmost professional, Gail’s range never fails to surprise me. Whether it be telling the horrifying tale of a road traffic accident or enjoying French cuisine on a high end cruise, Gail is my go to, to get the job done.

    Natasha Peart - Senior Writer, 2GB

  5. Gail is one of those rare voice over artists who consistently adds something unexpected to a script as well as delivers a wide variety of tones, personalities and nuances. She takes direction so well and is very easy to work with.

    Janet Arida - Lifestyle Channel

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