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Gail is one of the industry’s go-to voices for natural, dramatic and comedic reads. With a copywriter’s eye and a seasoned performer’s brain, your campaign is in safe, clever hands.

Combining a long-standing career on mic, on-camera and on stage, you get the complete package with Gail as an artist who understands nuance and need. For every job to be performed as you envisaged, read as a whole and in time.

  • Gail gets inside your message instead of just reading it.
  • She gets the gravitas of a good promo.
  • She’s a freak at reading long and difficult copy.
  • And isn’t afraid to act the goof to get something truly ear-wormy.

In one session you can have: natural straight messaging; clever comedic timing and awesome depth for promo-land. (Plus a promise to not suggest anything to do with copy… unless asked for.)

She can’t wait to read for you soon.


  1. Gail Knight is an exceptional artist infamous for her dramatic voice of the Showcase Channel. Gail’s performances are consistently compelling, with a remarkable ability to convey emotion and tension that keeps listeners on the edge of their seats. Her mastery of tone and pacing enhances every project she undertakes, making Gail Knight a standout talent and a key asset to the Showcase Channel’s branding and engaging content.

    Braydon Greentree - Senior Content and Music Producer, Foxtel

  2. I have had the privilege of working with Gail Knight for over 8 years, having directed Gail as a voice over artist on promos for multiple networks and brands. Gail consistently conducts herself in the most professional manner, is extremely responsive to feedback and direction and can deliver a range of diverse material with minimal briefing and preparation time. With her friendly demeanor and positive approach to any project we have worked together on, I would have no hesitation in recommending Gail as voice over artist.

    Tarryn Hicks, Network 10 Producer

  3. In a word? Intuitive! Gail makes sessions effortless by ‘getting’ the script without excessive repetition. It might be her writing background, but by crikey her inflections are always in the right place and any direction is received and easily reflected. Great fun to collaborate with and bounce ideas off. Recommended! MC

    Michael Caloudis. Senior Writer NOVA Entertainment

  4. One of the great challenges in radio is finding a voice who is versatile in style, intelligent in delivery and accepting of direction. One of the great solutions is Gail Knight. Be it clinical, emotional, friendly or stern, Gail always finds the right read.

    Paul Avery, Creative Director, Frodi’s Mill

  5. Gail is awesome! No matter what she does!

    Kat Toneycliffe

  6. Gail worked with us across multiple sessions on a job that lasted over a year. In this time, we changed a number of things within the production, but Gail’s voice remained constant. We knew from her first take that she was the voice for our ad. She is amazing to work with. Gail is the kind of talent that we book in and say “it will be a quick session because Gail is the voice over talent – she will nail it in the first take.” And she always does.

    Ana Pinheiro (TV Producer) & Molly Cathcart (Copywriter)

  7. Booking Gail is just like ordering your favourite dish at a restaurant. You know you’re going to love it and it’s always going to hit that spot. … Always sounding fresh, interested and the utmost professional, Gail’s range never fails to surprise me. Whether it be telling the horrifying tale of a road traffic accident or enjoying French cuisine on a high end cruise, Gail is my go to, to get the job done.

    Natasha Peart - Senior Writer, 2GB

  8. Gail is one of those rare voice over artists who consistently adds something unexpected to a script as well as delivers a wide variety of tones, personalities and nuances. She takes direction so well and is very easy to work with.

    Janet Arida - Lifestyle Channel

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