Elijah Williams

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Elijah’s first screen appearance occurred when he was just 6 months old, starring in a music video with Marcia Hines and Belinda Emmett.
Since then he has developed a passion for everything performance. He started dance classes at 2 ½.

Elijah has been studying acting for the last 7 years and now it’s his one true passion. He’s been in many end-of-term productions with the Actor’s Lounge, and in 2013 he was apart of the ‘Create East’ team as an actor at the Seymour Centre. He also won his school Drama award that same year.

Elijah sings in the school choir and will perform at the Opera House this year. He plays the trombone in the school Wind Ensemble and Big Band.
Elijah loves improvising, takes direction well and playing his favourite characters from Movies and books (Harry Potter comes to mind!)


  1. Great voice and extremely professional to work with! Takes direction very well! Thanks Elijah hope to work with you again!

    Andrew Perry

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