Luke Downs

Managing Director


Luke started as an agent at RMK in the year 1999 and his first job was to ensure the business was not compromised by the ‘Millennium Bug’… Thankfully RMK’s ever-reliable PC network (running Windows 95 at the time) endured and so too did Luke.

Being somewhat ‘born into the business’, Luke was an RMKkid back in the 80’s and did a few VO’s (“hamburgler took them!” his crowning achievement) and as the son of a voiceover, Luke has been immersed in the business for as long as he can remember, “our family would watch all the commercial breaks, even if we’d recorded a program, the ‘fast forward the ads’ was simply not an option”.

Prior to starting at RMK, Luke worked at Sydney radio station 2Day FM in a brief career that took him from office boy, to cart boy to promotions  and a little on-air work. He then moved to North Queensland and onto London via Canada, working various jobs from bar work to sales to landscaping.

Now with 4 kids of his own, Luke is keen to carry on the tradition of watching and listening to ads with his children and especially highlighting examples of effective timing, pausing and the importance of subtle nuances in great deliveries… “hear that kids? What a read!”