Claudia McDonnell

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Voice overs are Claudia’s first language (English and French are next). Growing up as a RMK Kid means that being in the booth is in her blood.

For over a decade, her warm, husky voice has echoed across the globe. From being the Aussie voice of a leapfrog teddy bear in Asia, to narrating the internationally acclaimed Palaui Pledge. Even close to home, music festivals, Nova, Telstra, Luna Park, Weetbix, Commonwealth Bank and the narration of Perth Australia Day Skyworks have been just some of her credits.

Clients have commented on Claudia’s unparalleled ability to read between the lines and bring the director’s vision to life. She nails the ‘girl next door’ character with her soothing honey-like voice and speed reads the “Authorised by the Australian Government Canberra” tags sounding somehow slow yet fast at the same time.

With a captivating energy and a charming personality, she can inspire her listeners to start using that gym membership they bought as a new years resolution or seduce them into buying any product… even synthetic grass.

With over a decade of professional VO work, hundreds of promos to her name and a dynamic personality, she’s your girl.


  1. Claudia is a regular at Uncanny and always brings great vibes to the studio. She has the voice to deliver a youthful, husky tone that the clients love, and her ability to interpret client direction always makes sessions a joy. Looking forward to many more sessions!

    Matt Perrot, Uncanny Valley

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