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Betty was born in July 2009 and is daughter to one of RMK’s most talented Female VO actors Cymone Rose.

Betty is vivacious, bubbly, and loves to laugh, but her most endearing quality is how kind & thoughtful she is. She is always thinking of others, is extremely generous, & she loves nothing more than helping people. A giggly, gentle, playful, and kind spirited little girl. Everyone who meets her falls instantly in love.

As a Voice Actor, she comes across very real, so natural, and understands every brief with ease, her greatest asset is that she’s a fantastic copycat of inflection & intention, and takes direction beautifully. If you want a great little actress, who’s as natural as can be, Bettys your girl.


  1. BETTY is a STAR!

    Simon Lister - Executive Creative Director - Squeak E. Clean

  2. Betty was the voice for our World Children’s Day Campaign.

    The brief was…we wanted a young beautiful natural read, cute, sweet, real, and able to change tone from serious/emotive to uplifting, and Betty absolutely nailed it.

    She is such an incredible talent, and we were all blown away by her. She’s fantastic.

    Emma Hodge

  3. I recently booked Betty for a series of free to air radio ads, the scripts she was presented with required her to read a lot of words in a very short amount of time, and she nailed it with great confidence, maturity & professionalism whilst keeping the expression, enthusiasm, youthfulness & fun in her voice.

    She’s an absolute pleasure to work with, she took direction extremely well and completely dazzled my client.

    She’s just a fantastic natural talent that I would use use time & time again. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

    Karen Burgess

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