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Drumroll please…. introducing Ben Isackson!  Ben is a professional musician and voice artist. He has worked and toured extensively in Australia and Overseas providing the backbeat for artists such as James Blunt, Shannon Noll, Icehouse, Greta Ray and Brian McFadden. His numerous television credits range from ‘Love Child’ and ‘A Place To Call Home’ to numerous appearances on ‘Sunrise’, ‘The Morning Show’ and ‘The Today Show’.

Being on the music scene allows Ben to really know how to work his voice. He can drop the register low, get up close – and pull the listener in.  A serious message requires a serious Ben.  Bring it up and it’s a younger, more excited Ben behind the mic.  The latest TV promo you hear, has you setting an alarm for it.  Enrolments for university have started – mark open day in your calendar.   Sit down and get comfy.  Ben’s in the booth now, you have nothing to worry about.


  1. Benny “got that feeling & gave that VO feeling” when we were looking for a killer promo voice for the Hit Network – a delight to work with, to record with and he’s a wizard on the drums too!

    Dave Konsky - SCA National Head of Audio Production & Sound Design

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