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Anna is an experienced actress in film, television and theatre, and is distinguished by her performances in some of Australia’s best loved television series. She is also an accomplished voiceover artist.

She has played key roles in Home and Away, Prisoner, Sons and Daughters, The Sullivans, Janus, All Saints, Seven Little Australians, Police Rescue, Heartbreak High to name a few (and in no particular order), as well as the mini series Harp in the South, Poor Mans’ Orange, Fields of Fire and Fireflies.

Anna’s past theatre work includes Catholic Schoolgirls and Speed the Plow for the North Coast Theatre Company, Ha Ha Ha Performing Humans, the inaugural show for Company B at the Belvoir St Theatre, The Girl from the West of the City directed by Alexandra Byron, the original Sydney production of Mum’s the Word where she had the pleasure of working with her good buddy Joy Smithers, as well as several productions with Australian Theatre of the Deaf.

As a voiceover artist, Anna had the opportunity of learning her studio technique from a very young age, back in the days when Audiobrien was just a few doors down from the RMK offices. Now, some of her regular clients include Telstra, Foxtel, Suncorp and Channel One, and when she is not talking in a studio, she may be found interpreting for deaf clients in her other role as an accredited Sign Language interpreter. Occasionally, Anna enjoys hanging out with people who can’t hear her.



  1. There are many ways to describe the utmost standard of professionalism carried by Anna across all of the projects we’ve worked on together. Although, there is one word that shines bright above all else; invaluable.

    Anna has provided us, and our clients, with a unique and immeasurable outcome to each of the projects we’ve collaborated on and left nothing out for question when it comes to exceeding our expectations.

    There’s a reason Anna’s voice has carried so many Australian (and international) audiences through a journey of discovery with the various work she has done, and its because she’s invested in each project equally – transcending the boundaries and bringing the narrative to life!

    Anna is an absolute professional with impeccable timing, pronunciation and tone, and I would recommend her to anybody looking to create something special. You don’t want to miss out on working with her.

    Plus, she also happens to be a really great person – always a bonus!

    Osher Fielder

  2. What can I say about Anna Hruby that the TV and Advertising industries don’t already know? Not a lot actually. We all know Anna is an outstanding voice talent whether it be straight VO’s or voice acting. Anna brings professionalism, patience and an ability to deliver a read no matter the direction that’s required. Anna is wonderful to have in the studio as she always has a smile, a story, or an opinion. Just make sure your punctuation and grammar is correct! In the illustrious words of Molly Meldrum, “do yourself a favour” and cast Anna Hruby for your next session. You’ll be glad you did.

    Steve Hessell - 20 Below

  3. I have known and worked with Anna for many years. She is an exceptionally talented voice artist, great with clients and highly respected within our industry.
    Anna is a pleasure to work with. She takes direction and feedback extremely well and always delivers. It’s always great working with Anna and I love having her in my studio.

    Bill Dowling - Top Spots

  4. When the pressure is on with a room full of clients you can always relax when you know Anna is booked as she always delivers.

    James Martell - Nylon Studios

  5. We build custom-designed elearning for government and corporate clients with a heavy emphasis on audio and video. The work can be challenging and complex both technically and emotionally so Anna is our preferred female voice and video presenter. She brings the material to life, engages with the learner, handles difficult pieces with ease and minimises our work in post production. If you want it done right, first time, Anna will deliver.

    Dale Bradshaw - Future Train

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