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Adrian is one of Australia’s premier voice actors. For over ten years, his voice has regularly been heard across Australia and parts of the world.  His warm, inviting timbre and finely tuned ability to take direction have lent themselves to a wide range of successful advertising campaigns, TV shows and Promos.

After graduating from NIDA, he worked as an actor in various film and television productions including All Saints, West and Superman Returns but his true calling is in the booth.  Adrian has built a reputation for giving the client exactly what they are looking for and enjoys the challenge of crafting the perfect read.

Laid back and friendly, suspenseful and dramatic, accents, narration, characters, whatever your needs may be Adrian has the versatility, experience and expertise to deliver. Passionate about his craft, highly skilled and a pleasure to work with, Adrian is top tier.



  1. I’ve been working with Adrian for about 5 years on all sorts of projects & the thing that has always struck me is his skill as a voice artist. Regardless of what we’re working on Adrian is listening & onto it, which makes directing easy. He’s versatile, quick & fun to work with. What more could I ask? Five stars from me.

    Greg Crittenden - Producer/ Engineer Take 2

  2. Adrian Jarrett is the voice-over artist you call when you don’t want a voice-over artist. And the voice-over artist you call when you do.

    Sinead Roarty

  3. Adrian is a great guy who also happens to be great to work with. He takes direction really well, but is just as comfortable offering up ideas for consideration. He has a great sense of timing and equally important, the ability to deliver a fast script so that it doesn’t sound rushed. I’d highly recommend Adrian.

    Darren Bailey

  4. I’ve worked with Adrian consistently for the past seven years. In that time, he has proven to be reliable, uniquely talented and good-humoured. Use Adrian, he’ll make your work better.

    Adam Lance

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