Natalie Bond

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Natalie is a well seasoned voice over artist, calisthenics artist and bullsh*t artist.
Let’s play a game. Here are two truths and one lie about Nat. You guess which is which.
1. She’s been performing on stage since the wee age of three.
2. She wee’d on stage at age three.
3. She’s a stage three black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu

Anyway, she gets paid to stand in rooms by herself and pretend she’s someone else that’s really excited about what they’ve got to say. And she’s bloody good at it. She can make the worst scripts seem like breaking news and breaking news sound like a really bad script if that’s what she’s directed to do. It’s really up to you.
She’s got a head for radio and I mean that in the nicest way. Nat embodies experience, professionalism, talent and the ability to talk under wet cement with a mouth full of marbles in a forest where a falling tree makes no sound but she can.

Seriously, she’s that good

Now how about we discuss some of the more important stuff?

Loaning her vocal chords to create and produce seven (yes, seven) of the animated characters for Season 1 and 2 of Nickelodeon’s Kuu-Kuu Harajuku (Produced by Gwen Stefani), Nat is really making use of those voices in her head. With a vast array of animation experience, she can also be heard as the delightful voices of Morgana (Sherazade: The Untold Stories – currently in production), Lucinda & Anime Girls (Exchange Student Zero, Foxtel TeleMovie), Ash (Freddo & Friends, Cadbury Interactive Web) and Jaz Mitchell (Wakkaville, Network Ten).

In 2016, Nat was awarded a VoVo (VoiceOver award) in the category of Most Convincing Energised or Retail Read for a little number she put down for Chemist Warehouse – if you listen like a champ, you might just hear it in her demo!

She spent a chunk of time narrating wonderful sports and tourist information programs such as Gold Diggers and Host City Rio (Inverleigh)  which aired internationally in the lead up to the 2016 Olympic games – surely you saw them right? RIGHT?

With the ability to bend, transform, sell, mould, inform and engage and certainly a good laugh to work with, you need to look no further than Natalie Bond.



  1. Remember that family holiday park you went to …. And how, you needed to get from one side of the park to the other?
    Back then you had options …. Different ways for you to get from A to B ….
    Not unlike when we are casting Voice Actors.
    You could get to where you need to be – and cast ‘safe’, and take a golf cart to the other side of the park …..
    OR …. You could queue for the MOST FUN, ENERY PACKED, WILD ATTRACTION IN THE WHOLE THEME PARK – and get to your destination with a huge goofy grin on your face.
    THAT is what it is like to cast Natalie Bond … Totally professional, reliable , wonderfully fun, and talented.
    Book her already!

    Shaun Malzard - Australian Radio Network

  2. Natalie Bond is a joy to work with. Her experience and passion for the industry shows, with great work ethic and the ability to interpret a script and take direction to deliver a product that is markedly better than what’s in your head. Natalie Bond is what amateur voice artists should aspire to be.

    Iain Duguid - Creative Writer, Southern Cross Austereo

  3. Whether cool and husky or fun and bright, Nat always brings the perfect vibe to our station imaging.

    Matt Nikolic - National Imaging Producer, Southern Cross Austereo

  4. When considering a voice artist, Natalie Bond ticks all the boxes. She’s enthusiastic for her performance, passionate in her delivery, and is easy to direct. While always the professional, Nat’s fun personality makes each session a joy to work through with her talent to bring any script to life.

    James Graham

  5. Nat is a legend…. She smash’s it in the booth every time… Just knows how to read, deliver and responds to direction perfectly.
    She brings a great energy every time she walks into the building; It’s always a fun chat, bit of a laugh and a guaranteed happy client.

    Sean Calleja - Gusto Studios

  6. Nat’s ability to remain happy and professional no matter how long the session is, is a credit to her lovely personality. She breathes life into the scripts, and delivers ever single time!

    Georgia Fillmore

  7. Professional, polished and all ‘round cool chick. Three things that only begin to describe Nat. She’s super easy to work with and can be called on with confidence to nail whatever script is thrown in front of her. A++ would cast again.

    Andrew Fritsch - Commercial Producer, Nova 100

  8. Never a dull moment with Nat. Always up for a laugh whilst maintaining her professionalism.

    I know I can count on her to deliver and go the extra mile whenever necessary. On top of that.. she’s just an all out rad person.

    Looking forward to working with her again soon!

    Matt Thompson - Sound Designer, CHE Proximity

  9. Nat is great fun to work with! When you book her for a voice job you’re guaranteed a professional who will nail the delivery that you’re after. She got an excellent promo delivery but she also has great range. Her energy and animation makes her ideal for character roles too.

    Hannah Sly - Creative Writer, Southern Cross Austereo

  10. We engaged Natalie to present a number of advertorials we produced for Natalie really is a fantastic talent. Great at learning long scripts and delivering them with gusto. Very easy to work with and a complete professional – guaranteed to give you the best results. We look forward to working with Natalie again.

    Anthony Warrington - Group Hug Creative

  11. I have known and worked with Natalie for a few years now.
    Always the professional…..always gets the job done….never a problem.
    I always look forward to having Nat in the booth.

    Dale Warren

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