Michael Andersen

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Imagine a sea breeze blowing a tumbleweed gently down an ocean road…now imagine an axe being driven through the skull of a zombie…these are the sounds of Michael Andersen.

He’s the guy next door…You know, the one with the laidback energy… that also knows how to tell a ghost story…

He’s a dad… for realz (he actually has 3 kids)…but he is also that whacky surfer dude you remember from the beach….that guy from the coffee shop that spelt your name wrong… the tradie that wears high-vis to work because he just loves fluorescent colours… he is mysterious.. but also not mysterious.. which in itself is a mystery.

Go on.. play Michael’s demo one more time.. we dare you.


  1. Sidey a.k.a Michael Andersen possesses vocal super powers. A unique voice that has been honed from decades of hard won battles in the booth. One of the most relaxed and easy going voice artists in the biz, it’s always a pleasure to have him in the studio. Highly recommended if you want something special.

    Mark Brandis


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