Juliet Jordan

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She’s been (blushingly) referred to as the Meryl Streep of Australian voiceovers.

Immensely versatile, insanely talented, super classy and lots of fun.

Professional, believable and top of her game… her rich voice can sooth and purr, can cackle and whine, can be crazy or curious, the authoritative boss, the friendly neighbour, the caring mother, convincing the grandchildren and confident her husband will learn how to make the right investment for their future.

What are Clients and Studios saying about Juliet’s work?  Here’s a sample:

“consistently good” – client

“Her voice range is FANTASTIC!” –-studio engineer

“WOW!” – voiceover artist

“we really enjoyed working with her” – client

” her read was quick, accurate and interesting” – client

” just the voice we wanted..thank you ” – client

“spot-on timing” – engineer

” very smooth” – artist

” easy on the ear” – client

“a beautiful voice” – client

” we’ll definitely use her again ” – client

And in case you want to “have what she’s having” …you can.

Juliet also teaches voiceover newbies and experienced presenters how to get into the VO industry.  Be the top of your game. Visit www.voicebusiness.com to discover the secrets.


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