Gertraud Ingeborg

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Gertraud Ingeborg has been working for the stage as an actress, director and producer since 1986.  Her acting credits include:

• A Streetcar Named Desire (with Cate Blanchett, directed by Liv Ullmann, which toured Washington and New York)
• Manna , Thyestes and This Little Piggy (Sydney Theatre Company)
• Quartet (Adelaide Fringe Festival/Belvoir Street Downstairs)
• Mary Stuart (New York International Fringe Festival, New Theatre, Belvoir St Downstairs, Old Fitzroy)
• One Flea Spare, Bumming with Jane (B Sharp)
• Nacht Mutter, Oskar und die Dame in Rosa (Theater am Hof, Bolzano Italy);
• Live Acts on Stage (Stablemates)
• King Lear, The Tempest, Belle of the Cross, Splendour, Hamlet, Stallerhof, Visiting Hours, Cold Hands  (HarlosProductions)
• Sandinista, Mother Courage, Tales from Hollywood, The Man Who, Twelfth Night, Midsummer Nights Dream, Don  Juan Comes back from the War, Funny Business (New Theatre)

• May – Short Film, A United Nations Production;
• 15 Amore – MXM Movies;
• 1/6 And A Smile – SBS

• Honor Bound – Dance Performance, Festival Vienna
• Poems by Else-Lasker Schüler – ABC Radio;
• White Man Got No Dreaming – Cojo Productions


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