Gail Knight

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There’s just no way around it – to be a Voice Artist in 2017 you must be a multi-layered performer. Gail comes to the mic with a larynx chock-full of voices to explore.

She’s delivered time and again. As her agent put to her once, “Over the years, you just keep on surprising by finding new sounds.”

Her silky read is a charm.
The FOAD* promos are also a favourite.

It’s a genuine variety hour with Gail as her easy tone moves from Mum > to younger woman > to perfect-pitch retail > believable corporate > to 100% accents and characters.
Even that Westie read gets a revisit from time to time!

Gail’s a true RMK all-rounder, and she looks forward to peeling off a ‘layer or two’ with you, soon.

* Title contains a naughty expletive. Beware!



  1. Gail is one of those rare voice over artists who consistently adds something unexpected to a script as well as delivers a wide variety of tones, personalities and nuances. She takes direction so well and is very easy to work with. She is a true professional in studio and her approaches to work show a wealth of experience.

    Janet Arida - Lifestyle Channel

  2. Booking Gail is just like ordering your favorite dish at a restaurant. You know you’re going to love it and it’s always going to hit that spot. I’ve worked with Gail for 5 years now across both the FM and AM spaces. Aside from Gail’s consistent high standards in the studio, Gail also ‘gets it’. Gail has walked into some of my most spectacular radio fires and has managed to both extinguish the blaze and revive me back to the point of functioning human. When you hand Gail a script, she doesn’t just read it, she comprehends it. Always sounding fresh, interested and the utmost professional, Gail’s range never fails to surprise me. Whether it be telling the horrifying tale of a road traffic accident or enjoying french cuisine on a high end cruise, Gail is my go to, to get the job done.

    Natasha Peart - Senior Writer, 2GB

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