Adelaide Tustian

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Adelaide is a bundle of fun and laughs who can bring a beaming smile and a giggle to any role.

Adelaide’s first on-camera acting experience was channelling her own interpretation of Matt Smith’s “Doctor Who” incarnation manifesting as a hologrammatic 7 year old girl in IMMATERIAL, a fan film made for YouTube. She is entirely at home as a presenter and is undefeated at being chosen to represent her school year in regional public speaking.

Adelaide takes drama classes and her passions are in acting, presenting, singing and dancing. She has performed in the ensembles of OLIVER! with the Eastwood Uniting Church Musical Society and SCROOGE! with the Normanhurst Uniting Church Musical Society, where she demonstrated her maturity by being invited to join the cast despite being 2 years under their regular minimum age.

When not performing or at school, Adelaide likes to play the saxophone, create her own videos or just find ways to make everyone around her laugh.


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